Reduce, reuse, and recycle has been a mantra for decades but not considered by most as mainstream .

As more people become aware of how our actions and choices impact generations’ well-being, the wildlife and our planet, the practice to refill, reuse and recycle has really started to gain momentum. This is good all round, for our wallet and for the earth!

We know we need cleaning products, so to shrink our collective carbon footprint, EKOH encourages refilling where possible or repurposing containers and recycling. Composting your cardboard packaging at home is a great solution to reduce what you put in your bin and what goes to landfill.

You choose what works for you. No judgment here!

Plastic bottles aren’t manufactured or designed for indefinite ongoing use and reuse. If you are leaning  to be eco-conservative when it comes to packaging, we encourage you to purchase our Ekoh Glass Spray & Pump bottles. These bottles are stylish, easy to refill, keep clean and can last you a lifetime.

HelathyClean bottles and pails, when recycled, can become new bottles and containers, plastic lumber products, picnic tables, lawn furniture, playground equipment,shopping trolleys, recycling bins and more.

Often return programs for packaging, are not the best option mainly due to travel miles and water usage to clean and reuse .Recycling programs can often do a better more environmentally effective job.