Setting up your refill station should be fun & creative.

Firstly you need to decide which essential products you want to keep for bulk refilling and what size you need, considering your available space.

The laundry, mudroom, or even a cool spot in your garage or basement could work as your refill station.

Moving towards a Zero waste lifestyle is a  lifelong journey so enjoy the process.

For single and couples our 1l / 33.fl.oz are an excellent choice for refilling as the products are contented . Use the EKOH  spray an pump bottles to easily refill and look cool too!

The 5l/ 169 fl oz or the 15l / 507fl.oz are our most popular sizes for refill stations based on our experience in Australia. They come with easy fill taps or pumps, perfect for refilling at home or work.

The largest size, our 15l/ 507 fl.oz, will reduce your cost per litre significantly, lasting an average family of four, 15, 18 to 24 months. It will also mean fewer trips to a store or fewer online deliveries, less plastic use, saving you time, and better for our planet. Happy Days!

To be inspired on how to set up your refill station, check out our Pinterest or Instagram accounts and make your refilling station a happy, beautiful and functional space.

Don't forget to take a pic, tag @ekohstore and #everykindofhappy to share with our EKOH community.

If you need help in setting up, contact us via email at or from our contact page.