We walk the walk.

EKOH STORE is committed to environmental and social responsibility in all aspects of our operations, from product selection to handling office and household trash. We’re proud to say that we have worked hard to ensure we have certified FSC, Organic and Climate Pledge Friendly products, PETA Cruelty-Free and locally made (in New Zealand and Australia) eco-friendly cleaning products. We support planting native trees in New Zealand through the profits we generate in NZ and Friends of the Koala in Australia through sales of HealthyClean.

B Corp

We strive to work and collaborate with B Corp suppliers and aim to achieve this status ourselves in the next three years. Did you know businesses awarded the B Corp title have met the highest social and environmental performance standards, legal accountability and transparency? All information regarding B Corp Certification is released to the public via the B Corp directory (find out more here!). At EKOH STORE, our eco journey is constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainability and product offering to deliver on our values and mission and, in time, secure B Corp accreditation.

Support for the Planet initiatives

EKOH STORE is proud to support and donate quarterly towards sustainability initiatives and organizations that give back to the Planet. Our team members and suppliers of EKOH STORE also participate in local environmental initiatives to support our community, from planting gardens to pest management, composting and recycling.


Zero Waste Cleaning Products

We’re dedicated to reducing our personal and business consumption and waste in every way possible, from the coffee grounds that start our days to our packaging, water collection and power and how we dispose of our waste. We compost, recycle and repurpose whatever we can – even if that means finding special collections facilities for hard-to-recycle items. At EKOH STORE, the team can be found using reusable dishware, refilling soap dispensers, riding a bicycle or using public transport to get to work, recycling paper and notebooks, composting and mulching everything we possibly can!