Hey, we thought you might like to know who you buy from and support when you purchase our brand EKOH.

Our names are Dawn and Richard, and we started EKOH with the dream of making products that we use every day in our homes more sustainable, chemical and waste-free and better for us and the earth. A one-stop solution for household essentials, but with style and a happy twist.

We believe in a fair wage, supporting small manufacturing and ethical certification and ensuring all our EKOH products have no plastics so they can return to the earth at the end of their use.

We have created bundles of our best sellers and essential everyday products, savings for you and the earth. Our mission is to offer alternatives and help anyone wanting to make better choices.

We want the world to be a happier, kinder, healthier place for all living things.

We live and work on beautiful Waiheke Island with our two kids, and the family dog April.

We are passionate about living a happy, healthy lifestyle and looking after our environment for generations to come. Most mornings before starting work, you will find me with April out and about for a sunrise walk.

I'm a firm believer that every choice we make counts. This includes what we choose to eat, shops and brands we decide to buy from, how we dispose of our waste, the body products we apply, and the cleaning stuff we choose to use in our homes.

The world does not need more cleaning products; we need better solutions and options to solve our current issues with the waste and chemicals generated from household products. 

We believe the core problem to solve is how we change our production and shopping habits!

We have three main goals:

  1. Provide trusted natural cleaning products that save you time and positively contribute to our community and environment
  2. Offer online shopping and subscriptions that helps change habits of anyone shopping for  the home, personal care or pet natural products for good.
  3. Innovate, collaborate and sell eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items that don't cost the earth

    We want natural cleaning products for us, our families, pets, businesses, and the earth. We want an end of life plan for every product we use, to reduce waste going to landfill. We want natural alternatives that really work!


    Late in 2020, we set out to create a solution to this challenge. We found some significant underlying issues for all of us when buying cleaning essentials that impact our health, wallet, and environment.


    In every step of setting up our business, we have considered the challenge of balancing quality, sustainability, function, design and cost.


    Let's break it down:

    • We work with our favorite local, trusted and regional connections, made over more than 30 years.
    • We motivate positive changes, enabling everyone to make better informed and cost-effective choices when buying cleaning stuff.
    • We know this is a journey of continuous improvement. It starts with influencing how products are made, sourced, packaged and distributed so that everyone can have easy access to safe home and natural products.


    We are a proud local New Zealand family business with a meaningful purpose.


    At EKOH-STORE we value our relationships with our designers, manufacturers, retail partners, community and customers.


    As a family and business, we believe it is essential to give back and support to our community and our region.

    We do this by donating and supporting Friends of the Koala and Tree That Count from the sales we make when you buy  HealthyClean and EKOH natural products.

    Having fun, a good laugh and our overall well-being are influenced by our ethics and values as a small business based on Waiheke Island in New Zealand :

    • Be kind to people, animals, birds & bees 
    • 100% vegan and cruelty-free is the first choice always
    • The 5 R's: Reuse, Refill, Repurpose & Recycle or Re-gift
    • Be authentic, be honest
    • Make a difference, one day at a time
    • Always consider your options & make choices to tread softly on the earth

    Our single most important value is " Be Kind and Happiness Will Follow"

    Our story 

    In 2011 we took on the challenge of converting our Macadamia Farm in Byron Bay hinterland to certified Organic status. Five years of hard labour, love, and learning.

    One of our many projects we took on, was the manufacturing of Organic Macadamia milk. Excellent hygiene and a spotless kitchen workspace were paramount to Nut Tree Farm Maca Milk’s success. It was then we discovered SimplyClean. Nothing worked as well as SimplyClean and it was food and family safe too , and made locally.

    We were sold!

    It ticked all the boxes, no nasties, made locally, eco-friendly, vegan friendly, and it worked!

    Fast forward to late 2020. Like many families around the world, we reset our personal goals. The idea of offering customers locally and beyond a curated range of essential natural cleaning products and a repeating service, empowering sustainable living and solving the challenges, began to take shape.

    These products bring a little joy to everyday cleaning tasks. Our, every kind of happy, EKOH!

    My first call was to Huw and Becky, founders of SimplyClean, now a few years older and selling successfully in more than 950 stores across Aussie, with the products trusted by 1000’s of happy customers. From this call, the HealthyClean brand was born to sell in New Zealand!

    Huw and Becky

    The roller skates were now firmly strapped to our feet, there was (still is today) a happy excited buzz as we put in place the plans and took action to go live with our EKOH STORE in 2021. Our online store opened on 15 June 21 and today we sell in multiple marketplaces, in stores in USA , Canada, Australia and New Zealand and soon the UK .

    Now lets clear up our name - How do you say it?

    So how do you pronounce EKOH. You say it as an echo, not as you would eco. A registered trademark and acronym for every kind of happy EKOH.

    Come visit our beautiful home, Waiheke Island, New Zealand.