7 reasons Ekoh store products will make you happy

  1. Our products are non-toxic, 100% natural and are cruelty-free accredited with PETA. Buying chemical-free, natural products that work, should be considered by everyone. Research proves how harmful many of these chemicals can be to our health and the environment.
  2. We provide easy alternative ways to shop for natural cleaning essentials. Keeping you informed so you can choose what is right for you and your family, from how often you shop to the prices you pay and products you use, that's happy!
  3. We develop, collaborate & design natural essential cleaning products that are used every day and support a sustainable ecosystem. We take ownership & responsibility for the end-to-end design, sales process, and end-of-life considerations of the product. Ultimately aiming for zero negative impacts on you and the environment.
  4. Encourage consumers to create new habits that positively change how we shop for our cleaning essentials, what we buy, and how we use them. Making it easy by offering solutions on how to shop for your needs. Helping you quickly change habits, so you use the right stuff for the job in just the right amount doing the right thing!
  5. We have products and services grounded in ethics offering options that save time, money and do good. Our business partners have the same values as us, pay a fair wage, and have the correct certifications and values in place, that's a happy team
  6. Proudly support FreindsoftheKoala in Australia and TreesThatCount, planting native trees in New Zealand ( link to XX) as we are all part of the regional and global community we believe in giving back a little happiness.
  7. The Ekoh Essential VIP Cart membership offers excellent value and savings for you and the family ( link to the membership ) giving you time to have your kind of happy day.