Look After Our Planet Use Plastic-Free Products 

Can you guess how many plastic sponges are thrown away each year?
Around 400 million plastic sponges are discarded domestically per year, this volume is enough to fill the Empire State Building! 
How about  estimating how many plastic bags are used each year?
The latest number is a staggering 5 trillion  plastic bags per year - that's a whopping 160,000 every second ! 

We can do better by making informed choices. Make your mark and pledge to care for our planet for generations to come by simply purchasing products that have Zero Plastic!

Some cleaning essentials that you can easily swap out :

Coconut soap bars, EKOH Swedish Dishcloths , cellulose sponge cloths or bamboo cleaning brushes, cotton produce bags and canvas shopping totes.

If you are buying a product in packing, we make sure it is recyclable and that you can reuse containers. Don't forget to take your reusable shopping bag along when you go shopping. At EKOH EVERY KIND OF HAPPY, we offer you a wide range of plastic-free products to choose from for your home.

EKOH Every Kind of Happy 

What makes our products unique at EKOH are the ingredients and materials. We use essential oils for fragrance, as well as sustainable, biodegradable fibres and timbers, manufacturing ethically and often by hand in small batches.

Our ingredients are a healthy, eco-friendly, and ethical alternative to synthetic fragrance-infused products and plastic items.

  • EKOH has a natural Pantry Reusables & Storage Collection that allows you to move beyond plastic, save and reduce waste going to landfills. You will find a variety of handy reusable food storage bags, shopping bags, produce bags, and food wraps amongst the selection of pantry products.
  • From our  Multibuys and Refill Collection, you can select your favourite essential cleaning products in bulk or larger sizes and packs, helping you to save money and reduce waste. 

You will find unique products in our Kitchen Collection. From disinfectant cleaner, eco Swedish sponge cleaning cloths, dishwasher powder to sponge loofahs and a bamboo kitchen brushes to get you started. Our products work very well, smell great and are not harmful to humans, your pets, or the environment.

Make it a Mission To Avoid Plastic Every Day

Avoiding plastic is quite a challenging feat in our plastic-filled world. Some alternatives are readily available to help you avoid plastic every day, one step at a time.

  • Paper and cardboard were used in the days gone by to package many things. It can be recycled and composted, and you can use cardboard boxes to replace many of your storage containers.
  • Wood and bamboo are renewable resources, and if from sustainably managed forests (FSC), they can replace plastic in household items. You can use it as an alternative to plastic cleaning brushes, utensils, cutting boards,and tableware.
  • Glass and stainless steel are excellent reusable alternatives. Stainless steel is tough and easy to clean and is perfect as reusable food and beverage containers. Glass, although not biodegradable, is relatively inexpensive and infinitely recyclable. Many food products are packaged in glass, and you can easily upcycle your glass jars into food storage.
  • Beeswax wraps are an ideal alternative to plastic cling wraps and cotton cellulose sponge cleaning cloths replace synthetic micro fibre cloths and plastic sponges.

To help ensure you get the most use from your purchase, durable, well-made products are the best option.

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