All About Doing Your Eco-Friendly Shopping Online

With over production and poor practices, the amount of pollution and damage to the planet and wildlife has driven many people worldwide to do what they can in their homes and daily lives, to become more environmentally conscious and pledge to change shopping habits. To make a positive impact and a small change to your habits, you can now do your eco-friendly shopping online and become part of the change and solution. By purchasing eco-friendly products in a sustainable and circular way, products that are recyclable and zero waste, you contribute to saving the environment and non-renewable resources. With many innovations in producing sustainable and eco-friendly items, packing and distribution services options becoming an in-home environmentalist has been made easy and convenient through online shopping with EKOH-STORE.

At EKOH-STORE, we stock numerous eco-friendly products from pet care to beauty items for you to choose from to live a greener lifestyle. We are regulary adjusting and adding to our range to meet your household needs

Tips for Eco-Friendly Shopping

We all love to shop and buy ourselves life's little luxuries, and the option of purchasing these while remaining environmentally friendly has made our shopping experience that much better. If you've never purchased sustainable products, you may not know what constitutes an eco-friendly item, and you need to be on the lookout for "greenwashing" (brands that claim they are green but are not). Here are some tips for your next online eco-friendly shopping spree:

  • Read the details. When looking at a product that claims to be eco-friendly, ensure that it genuinely is by reading the ingredients. Nowadays, many products out there claim to be environmentally friendly that don't meet the green checklist. Don't be fooled; make take the time to check.Look out for certifications like , PETA( hopping bunny ) GOTS, FSC,
  • Buy in bulk. If you use a lot of a specific product, purchasing it in bulk (the larger size packs or litres) can further help go green. The more you buy at once means less fuel used to transport the products from the warehouse or store to your home, thus, less air pollution and often less cost per unit , so you save dollars too!
  • Check out the reviews. If you are sure whether or not a specific product is truly eco-friendly or worth purchasing, and will meet your cleaning needs, you can read online reviews and find out from people who have bought the item.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Shopping Websites

We all know that purchasing sustainable products for the home is the best way to protect our planet's resources; what you may not know is by choosing, you're encouraging and supporting companies to innovate and produce these types of goods. The more people demand or shop for only environmentally friendly items - the more companies feel obligated to ensure their products meet the standards. Here are some benefits of eco-friendly shopping websites:

  • All products are green. When you shop online from reputable sites that only stock eco-friendly products, you can rest assured that all the items you purchase are tested and safe for people, animals,and the environment and will fit in with you living a green lifestyle. Some green checklist points to look for are: no chemicals, organic ingredients, not tested on animals, recyclable, biodegradable, or home compostable at the end of the products life.
  • Convenient. When you want to live green, you don't want to drive from store to store to find the products you need. Eco-friendly websites stock numerous items that are all 100 percent environmentally friendly and save you time especially if you can have a subscription option
  • Numerous options and Information. Websites are known for having what is referred to as endless aisles, stocking multiple brands of a specific product and many different types of items, so you are spoiled for choice when you shop online. At EKOH- STORE we produce our own products under our brand EKOH and partner with HealthyClean

What You Should Know About Eco-Friendly Products

We all generally hear good things about eco-friendly products; however, many people aren't exactly sure what these are and what makes them sustainable, or why they should opt for them. An eco-friendly item uses renewable resources, is made from natural ingredients that are ethically produced for EKOH and HealthyClean, is recyclable or made from recyclable materials, and won't harm the environment or people. Here are some facts about these products you need to know:

  • Good for you and your family. Environmentally friendly products are made from natural materials and ingredients, making them the healthier choice for you and your family,and with pet products being made the same way - for your fur baby too.
  • Saves the planet. The most important thing you need to know about eco-friendly products is that they mean a better world for our children and grandchildren. Reduce waste and toxins in our landfills and homes.
  • Supports local businesses. Many innovative green products come from local smaller bespoke manufacturing or organic farmers. So, by purchasing these products, you're supporting local companies, farmers, producers, and your country's economy.

About EKOH

At EKOH, our policy is to be eco-friendly, and we ensure that our products are 100 percent environmentally sustainable from production and manufacturing through to sales. With over 30 years in the retail industry, we stock numerous sustainable products from hair and body to pets and home goods. We deliver your eco-friendly items to your doorstep, so you won't have to leave your home to live a green life.

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