Stepping Onto Greener Pastures with Eco-friendly Shampoo

All things green and sustainable are trending for good reason as we pledge to reduce climate impacts. We like to start at home where you can directly influence choices. We provide affordable, sustainable products for your home: kitchen, bathroom, laundry, skin and body care, and even pet care. A simple place to start is using eco-friendly shampoo made in New Zealand. Our shampoo conditioner and beard bars are sulphate and paraben-free, in compostable and recyclable packaging, use less water to produce than liquid shampoos and they are vegan friendly. We make use of product bundles to provide cost-effective, overall support to your home. In addition, we offer a subscription service with personalised shopping and your bundle of happiness delivered to your doorstep.

Basics of Environmentally Friendly Shampoo

Shampoo as we know it today, has been around since about 1914, which means we have learned a lot about all hair types -: from dandruff, dry hair, sensitive scalp, curly, oily hair. However, many shampoo products contain chemicals and are packaged in plastic. The elements that the use of eco-friendly shampoo removes.

  • Our products offer natural essential oil fragrances like honey bloom, lavender, ginger coconut, and lime. And natural argan and wheat germ oils to nourish your hair.
  • Environmentally friendly shampoo bar from EKOH comes in recyclable packaging with a detailed list of ingredients. Our packaging means less plastic to landfills or pollution in waterways.
  • Popular ingredients found in our environmentally friendly shampoo consist of essential oils: organic coconut, argan, olive, shea. Honey bloom, beeswax, water, essential oils, or plant extract.

How Natural Eco-friendly Shampoo and Conditioner Help

We believe that every choice matters, and we've learned that small steps become giant leaps over time. Here's how you make a positive impact. Our ONE Shampoo bar is a 3 in one solution. No need to buy extra products: A shampoo, conditioner, shaving bar or beard wash bar.

  • Production of solid shampoo bars uses less water than traditional liquid shampoos. They also don’t use plastic bottles to store the product.
  • By washing your hair with eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner, the water you use in the process is suitable to go back into the garden and is septic greywater friendly.
  • By buying an eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bar, you help create a demand for an environmentally natural alternative. This demand means a step moving away from the mainstream waste and pollution of traditional products and supporting a local manufacturer or an entrepreneur.
  • An eco-lifestyle also benefits every person in your household as you avoid toxic chemicals and our ONE bar means you save dollars too.

About EKOH

We are passionate about our business, and with this (ad)venture comes plenty of inspiration and gifts to share with our customers. We ventured towards eco-friendly products business as this goal has always been close to our hearts: we love learning, exploring, and sharing thoughts and ideas around this. EKOH stands for "every kind of happy" – a place to make every decision count and take one step at a time to make healthy and sustainable choices for you, your family, your home, and the environment. We are a proudly locally owned and operated business on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. We offer free shipping in Australia and New Zealand for purchases over $45 and 10% off your first order. Find your happy place with EKOH, and contact us now!