Excellent Eco-Friendly Pet Products From EKOH

EEKOH is home to a wide range of natural products developed to be gentle on the environment, including our founding selection of eco-friendly pet products. Whether you need pet shampoo, soap, or disinfectant for those little mishaps that occur, you'll be pleased to know that everything we sell is made from one hundred percent natural plant-based ingredients.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Pet Products

It is becoming abundantly clear that we cannot continue to bombard our planet with packaging waste chemicals and toxic products. Our Lemon Myrtle HealthyClean Pet Shampoo can be used on all your pets, from birds to horses. The Solid Soap bar is suitable for dirty dogs of all ages and sizes and horses.

  • You will enjoy the peace of mind and live a healthier lifestyle when you start using natural & eco-friendly products.
  • Although you may initially think that these products are more expensive than supermarket brands, they often last longer than other mainstream products that are mass-produced and potentially not environmentally friendly. In addition, our eco-friendly products come in recycled packaging that you can compost at home, repurpose, recycle or reuse.
  • These products are also manufactured more sustainably, causing less harm to the environment. Our soaps, for instance, use less water than liquid shampoos to make and our labels and packing are100 % recyclable.

Products We Sell in Addition to Eco-Friendly Pet Products

If you enjoy using our eco-friendly pet products, you'll be delighted to know that we also have a wide range of environmentally-friendly household cleaning products available. Creating and sustaining an eco-friendly household includes pet products, cleaning products, personal-care products, and even storage solutions.

  • Body soaps and washes for Personal care has never smelled so good nor felt better,hemp and sisal bags, and washcloths. You'll find it tricky to choose only a few items from our extensive range of shampoo and conditioner bars, liquid body and hand washes, luxurious hand soaps, and sanitisers. We also have a selection of loofahs and hemp and sisal bags and washcloths. As a bonus, you can rest easy knowing that the products you are using have been manufactured sustainably, using local and ethically sourced natural ingredients.
  • One of the main intentions of buying and using sustainable products is to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills. We have an extensive collection of reusable bamboo scrubbers and compostable cleaning cloths that you can use conveniently in your household. We also have plastic-free starter bundles and reusable shopping and produce bags and totes, and your product packing and shipping boxes are plastic free so you can compost at home
  • Our cleaning range includes environmentally friendly products specially formulated for you to use in your laundry, kitchen, bathroom,and most other areas in your home.

About EKOH

At the most basic level, we are a family business passionate about doing what is right for the environment on every level and in every aspect of our lives. We aim to positively contribute to our environment while providing you with trusted and affordable cleaning and shopping options.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our available products. We look forward to being part of your sustainability journey.