Now You Can Be Clean and Kind With Our Affordable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

With the finite resources of our beautiful blue planet under threat, responsible citizens of the earth like you are making changes to how they shop for essentials, no matter how small, to help preserve and protect what nature has so generously provided. This sea change in mindset is evolving slowly from reluctant obligation to an eagerly embraced lifestyle and a commitment to a climate pledge. It's not always easy, though. Finding local brands to trust that have aligned manufacturers providing safe and effective products that meet our climate pledge can be challenging. Research and development are expensive and time consuming.

Happily, EKOH-STORE is here to help with a thoughtful and ethically produced range of eco-friendly cleaning products for you, the family, your home, and pets.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Household Products

We know that if you're reading this article, the chances are that we're preaching to the converted and engaged eco-warrior. However, if you're starting on your eco-journey, you may be asking yourself, ''What are eco-friendly products, and what are the advantages of using them?'' The benefits are numerous, including being:

  • Better for you and our planet:Do your part to reduce the volume of toxins, plastic, and other waste materials poisoning and polluting our waterways, wildlife & earth while also protecting your family and pets. Eco-friendly products, such as eco-friendly body and bathroom cleaners, come in recyclable or compostable packaging materials. Using chemical-free formulations in all our cleaning products help improve indoor air quality, helping you breathe more easily and reducing irritations, allergies, and respiratory
  • Safe for loved ones:It makes sense to avoid using potentially harmful products in your home with little ones and our pets in close contact with surfaces. Remember bees and insects are protected too when you avoid chemical products. In addition, by introducing eco-friendly mindfulness into your home early on, you prepare your children for a better and brighter future.
  • More affordable and cost-effective:Many consumers believe that going green is costly, and products are ineffective and inconvenient. Besides being lighter on your bank account when you subscribe to regular deliveries, you save time, greener cleaning is kinder to the environment and gentle on animals. Sustainable household products from EKOH-STORE are more concentrated, less expensive per use, providing enhanced value for money. Priceless.
  • More caring on your furniture and fittings:While harsh chemicals and additives can cause wear on your household items, leave a toxic residue or microplastic behind, pure natural environmentally conscious ingredients are harmless and provide longer-lasting protection.

Finally, replace the pungent sharpness of bleach and chlorine with the aromas of nature; fill your spaces with the mood-enhancing scents of lemon myrtle, citrus, eucalyptus, and lime.

However, how do you know what are the best eco-friendly cleaning products, and where can you find them without having to read the fine print on every cleaning product? Look no further.

What You Can Expect from Our Eco-Friendly Home Products

Instead of poring over labels in the supermarket and googling manufacturer credentials, we've created everything in our store to be ethically produced, non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty-free, biodegradable and among the best eco-friendly household products you'll find. So all you need to do is shop, order, and enjoy from your laptop, tablet, or mobile, anywhere, anytime. Our honest and healthy product ranges include:

  • Ethical household cleaning: Our range of cleaners covers every hygiene requirement for your kitchen, laundry, household and bathroom. Our EKOH and HealthyClean product lines include: a zero-waste Natural Citrus Dishwash Soap Bar, Lime or lemon Myrtle Multipurpose Spray and Wipe surface disinfectant or concentrated floor cleaner, Australian Lemon Myrtle or Mandarin Dishwashing Liquid, and Lemon Myrtle Dishwasher Powder. Try our Laundry Stain Remover and Soaker or Australian Eucalyptus laundry washing powder. For the best eco-friendly bathroom cleaner, our nontoxic, chlorine-Free No Mould Spray is a winner. Notably, while our range is plant-based, our products kill 99 percent of germs, so expect cleaning that's tough on dirt and really works.
  • Convenient home care: To get the best use from our quality EKOHand HealthyClean products, try our multipurpose cleaning accessories. Plastic-free Bamboo Dish Brushes and Scrubbers Kitchen Starter Kits, Loofahs and compostable Swedish Sponge cloths, Bamboo bottle brushes and soft bristle vegetable brushes. Dishcloths and cleaning cloths in unique, fun assorted colourful prints.
  • Gentle hair and body care: Our HealthyClean and EKOH personal care ranges are 100% natural and Vegan. All are made from plant-based ingredients and fragrances. Solid soap bars, body washes, shampoo, and conditioners provide a refreshing wash without plastic or artificial fragrances or chemicals. Try our Shampoo and conditioner soap bar for hair and beards suitable for most hair types that uses argean oil. The solid body wash soap bar is delightful with soft aromatic ingredient combinations. In reusable and refillable amber pump bottles, HealthyClean liquid body washes and hand soap are available in Lemon Myrtle and Peppermint Essential Oil. Don't forget your Lemon Myrtle hand sanitiser or convenient pocket bag spray, tough on germs kind to your skin. Add our multipurpose natural sponge loofah and Hemp and Sisal soap and shampoo bar pouch and our loofah brush kit for srubbin and exfoliating to your cart for smoother, healthier skin.
  • Safe natural pet care: Keep your furry and feathered friends clean, healthy and glossy and help protect them against skin problems and fleas with our organic plant-based EKOH and HealthyClean pet care ranges. Try our Dirty Dog Natural Shampoo Mini Wash Bar or the large solid soap block with the added benefits of Neem, Tea Tree, Manuka Oil, and Lemongrass. Alternatively, enjoy even more savings with our Pet Shampoo Concentrated Pet Wash with Australian Lemon Myrtle, a healthy clean. Once your dog , cat , horse, guineapig or feathered friends have been pampered and perfumed, keep your pet's living area clean and smelling fresh with our Concentrated Disinfectant Lemon Myrtle Cleaner and Air Freshener. To help you keep hold of slippery shampoo during all that splashing, consider using our handy Soap Saver Hemp and Sisal soap bar pouch.
  • Reusable and refillable options: Our product range of storage and refillable accessories includes reusable Organic Muslin Cotton Pantry Shopping and Storage Bags, breathable Mesh and Muslin Produce Bags, our large and robust multipurpose Caramel Waxed Canvas Tote Bag, and our innovative Beeswax Organic Eco-Friendly Food Wraps, which are self-adhesive, foldable and reusable. We also supply replacement Brush heads and spare pump dispensers for our attractive and practical Clear, Amber, and Green Glass refillable Pump and Spray Bottles with bottle labels to name your potions and lotions.

Save money with our convenient bathroom, kitchen, laundry, beauty and pet care bundles, multi-packs, and gifts that will help start an eco cleaning change in your home. Order them separately or together; you'll find all you need to keep your home hygienic and safe. Remember to sign up for our EKOH warrior mailing list to stay updated on our latest products, news tips, and importantly, don't forget the five R's: Refill, Reuse, Repurpose & Regift, or Recycle, and a bonus option, Regift.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Our Sustainable Cleaning Products

Beyond our unique product formulations and service, it's what's at the heart of our business that sets us apart. At EKOH-STORE, sustainability means meeting our needs without compromising future generations' ability to meet their needs. We are proud to offer you:

  • Time and cost-saving subscriptions:To make your life easier, consider our subscription service. Sign up, customise and place your order, and we deliver to your home as often and for as long as you choose. Of course, you may change your preferences or cancel your subscription at any time Subscriptions also make an great eco-friendly gift that can keep on giving through the year.
  • A cruelty-free vegan selection:Our ingredients and products are vegan and kind to people and All HealthyClean products are certified with PETA. We wholeheartedly believe that when kindness is your religion, every kind of happiness is possible.
  • Recyclables and refillable:We wouldn't be eco-friendly if only our formulations and packaging were ethical. So, we provide refillable containers and reusable and recyclable packaging and work hard to ensure compact packing for shipping to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • A chance to give back to nature & communities: You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that with every purchase of our eco-friendly home, bathroom, kitchen cleaning,and other products, you're supporting the worthwhile Trees That Count and Friends of the Koala initiatives.

Our products are gentle on the planet and easy on your pocket. We accept various online payment methods to make it easy and safe for you, including Zippay, Laybuy, and Afterpay, so you can enjoy your products now while completing payment over multiple, interest-free installments. In addition, we provide speedy delivery across New Zealand and Australia, with free shipping on orders of 45$ or over.

We believe the following are four critical pillars of sustainability in business:

  • People- safe and healthy products that work and are easily accessible.
  • Community- support and educate our community to change habits to have a positive impact on future generations. Including collaborations with local marketplaces, schools and businesses.
  • Economics- fair price, a fair wage, trusted products, fair profits & donations so we can keep trading
  • Environment- safe products for us and the planet, recyclable & reusable options, planting trees for carbon offset & supporting the protection and health of native animals and insects.

About EKOH

We are family-owned and run, working closely with the community and regional New Zealand and Australian local suppliers to bring you ethically sourced, locally produced, and designed eco-friendly products. We are passionate about the environment and a naturally clean home. Our ambitious objective is to collaborate with you, one day at a time, to leave behind us a healthier world through trusted and affordable shopping alternatives. In addition, with 30 years of retail experience, you can also expect exceptional customer service.

So, choose to go green without compromising on effective cleaning products. Become a warrior in the war against toxins and waste. Get in touch with us today to place your order or for more detail on our products, philosophy, or if you'd like to stock our products in your store. We would love to be on your shelves. Until then, we wish you ''every kind of happy''.