Spring Cleaning your home with natural cleaning products from EKOH

Spring Cleaning your home with natural cleaning products from EKOH

Transform your home cleaning routine with these five easy tips

1.Clean Room By Room

The starting point of spring cleaning can often be daunting, Rather than trying to tackle everything at once, create a cleaning checklist for each room ( each family member too. Prioritise rooms by the ones that need the most attention .

2.Organise and Clear away clutter

Make the most of your efforts by clearing clutter before starting to clean . Sort out the stuff into keep, donate, recycle or trash.

3.Get the Whole family Involved in Cleaning the home

We know this sounds easier said then done but getting everyone involved will make the time fly and multiple task will get done in a shorter time. Make it fun , put on good music, give the kids rewards, make it a competition- what ever works for your family.

4. Tackle The Seasonal Chores

There are some chores we tend to put off the most like cleaning the BBQ grill and washing windows and wiping down skirting rails, door frames and window sills. Make sure these are on your list too. Use natural biodegradable cleaning cloths like eco sponge cloths and simply toss in the compost bin when you are done .

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Because you're cleaning your entire home top to bottom, it more economical  and sustainable to buy products in bundles and bulk sizes so you can refill. Its also import you are aware of the ingredients of you cleaning products so choose products like Healthy Clean , made by Simply Clean in Australia. Shopping EKOH means you know the products are non toxic, will do the job and are not harmful to you , your family , pets or the environment.




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