Swedish Dishcloths Are Awesome: Why Every Home Needs Some

Swedish Dishcloths Are Awesome: Why Every Home Needs Some

Are you looking to clean your kitchen and dishes in a more eco-friendly way? 

Say goodbye to paper towels and disposable sponges and hello to eco-friendly cloths and Swedish dishcloths now available from the eco friendly brand EKOH in Australia! You can order directly from EKOH EVERY KIND OF HAPPY store on Amazon.com.au 

With a wide selection of reusable dishcloths and sponge cloths to choose from, you can clean your dishes confidently, knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you are looking for bamboo dishcloths or eco-friendly sponge cloths, you can choose the perfect product for your eco-friendly cleaning needs.

Don't throw away your money 

Don't throw away your money on paper towels and disposable sponges – invest in reusable dishcloths!

At the heart of an eco-friendly lifestyle is the use of reusable cloths. Eco-sponge cloths are much more affordable over time than paper towels and disposable plastic sponges and can reduce the impact of waste on the environment. For example, eco-friendly cloths are made with materials such as wood pulp and cotton, which have been sustainably sourced and are much better for the environment than paper towels and disposable sponges. At the end of use, the EKOH Sponge Cloths are 100% biodegradable and can be home composted.

Additionally, you can use eco-friendly dishcloths multiple times, machine wash them too, before needing to replace them, resulting in a much lower amount of waste being created in the kitchen. 

Make a Change for Good in 2023 

Swedish dishcloths are a great alternative to traditional cleaning methods. These cloths are made from cellulose and cotton and can absorb up to 15 times their own weight in liquid. This means you won't have to use (or buy) as many cloths to clean your dishes or home, reducing the amount of water you need to use. 

Swedish dishcloths are highly durable – one cloth can last  6 to 9 months before it needs replacing! When it comes to cleaning dishes in an eco-friendly way, Australians now have a wide range of options available as we also have our range available on Catch.com.au  . From eco-friendly dishcloths and sponge cloths, to bamboo dishcloths and reusable Swedish dishcloths – there is something for everyone! 

Make the switch today and start cleaning your dishes and home in a much more environmentally friendly way.

Reduce your environmental impact, save money and shop eco-friendly now available on Ekoh Every Kind of Happy and Amazon Australia.

See what our Amazon USA customers have to say about EKOH Cloths 

five star customer reviews

 Great Product!  Swedish Dishcloths Rainbow Brights Style: Scandi Modern Verified Purchase

"I love these little cloths. They take the place of sponges, paper towels and dishcloths. I use them until they show stains and then I throw them in the washing machine and air dry them. When they are falling apart, I bury them in my garden to act as mulch - win-win!! "



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