Reusable Fruit and Veggie Produce Bags proven to keep produce fresh for longer.

Reusable Fruit and Veggie Produce Bags proven to keep produce fresh for longer.

Organic cotton is proven to keep produce fresh for longer, so dich paper bags and plastic bags for reusable cotton drawstring produce bags.

Planning a trip to your local grocery store or farmer market? ūüćéūü•ē ūüćč
We suggest you make a grocery list to help you budget and build balanced meal plans. 
Take your EKOH reusable produce bags with you, and our Waxed Canvas Shopping tote is a winner carrying up to 12 kgs.

Shopping for Fruit and Veggies: 

Feel free to keep fruits¬†and veggies loose in your cart or basketūüėá and don't be tempted to use plastic bagsūüėą or make sure you have your reusable produce bags on hand to fill - they are so light you wont need to empty them at checkout to pay for you produce and fruit.

Remember, you'll wash your produce at home, but the plastic will live on in the environment for decades ūüė™

ūüôÖ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Avoid products with excess packaging. (Think produce or cheese slices packaged in plastic¬†trays and plastic wrap.) When in doubt, leave them and only buy fresh!

Try our your local farmers market or fresh grocer and look out in the neighborhood for veggies and fruit garden swaps. This will help you shop seasonally , get to know your local community and potentially you will have better produce too and save money !

Shopping Tips :

If you are shopping at the deli - be brave and take a glass jar to use for items like olives, shrimp, fish, or sandwich meat. Remember to ask the staff member to weigh your jar before filling it, so you don't incur an extra charge. You can use your EKOH cotton bags for things like breadūü•Ė , nuts, cheeseūüßÄ and pasta too.
These organic cotton drawstring bags are great for bulk shopping to for things like flour , pasta, rice and grains. 

They are machine washable, simpy hang up to air dry and ready to use again.

Some Final Thoughts 

You can find our Produce Bags for sale on our online EKOH store, on Etsy and Amazon at our EKOH EVERY KIND OF HAPPY stores 


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