EKOH Organic Coconut Soap Bars Zero Waste Hair Shampoo and Beard Wash and Shaving Bars

EKOH Organic Coconut Soap Bars Zero Waste Hair Shampoo and Beard Wash and Shaving Bars


We are excited to share with you the launch of our new natural creamy plant-based soap range. All made here in Auckland, New Zealand.


The formulations and packaging design have been in work and test for several months, and we have just finished production! Happy days!


We have three main soap categories- all zero waste solid soap bars: 

  • Body 
  • Hair 
  • Kitchen
  • Pet 



Why Soap Bars? 

There is so much plastic waste coming from everyday essential cleaning items that we have in our home. There is not much choice in the natural eco options category for customers with no synthetic colours, fragrances and palm oils and some products are pricey for their size and how long the last.


Swapping to our EKOH Soap Bars in the bathroom, kitchen and for your pet is one of the easiest eco swaps you and the family can make. Our EKOH solid soap bars use compostable packaging, natural ingredients, and they require less water to produce than liquid washes, so a win win win.



Organic Coconut Ginger Body Bar Vanilla Organic Coconut Body Bar Pepermint Organic coconut oil body bar


Luxuriously large blocks of creamy  solid soap, so the bars will last you for at least twelve to eighteen weeks using them every day. We have the Buy NZ license, and every sale helps us support planting native trees in New Zealand with Trees That Count. 

Happy you & happy earth!


Good Stuff

  • Organic coconut oils used 
  • Scented with essential botanical oils 
  • Perfect pH for your skin 
  • Vegan 
  • Family safe
  • Sales support planting native trees in New Zealand.


Nasties we leave out. 

  • Cocamidopropy Betaine ( CAPB)
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Talk and fillers
  • Palm oil-free



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