Live Greener: How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Live Greener: How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

As the world becomes increasingly conscious about how we can live in more sustainable, eco-friendly ways, the focus is turning to what we can each do as individuals to reduce our carbon footprints. For the greatest impact, it all starts at home — here’s how.

Rock Your Landscaping

While lush green yards used to be popular, more and more people are recognizing the amazing things that can be done with xeriscaping.

  • Xeriscaping uses rocks and drought-tolerant plants in place of grass, with beautiful outcomes.
  • This low-maintenance approach offers opportunities for beautiful movement, colorful (and gorgeous) foliage, and lots of low-water greenery.
  • In addition to saving on water, you’ll get away from mowing the yard. While xeriscaping does need some tending, it’s comparatively easier than grass.

Plant a Garden

Use your yard space to plant a garden - whether it’s in-ground, a greenhouse, or a container garden.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a nutritious project for your family, and a great way to model good eating and sustainable living habits.

  • If you compost leftovers, you’ll be recycling food waste, and providing great nutrients for your garden.
  • If you have an over-abundance of produce, you can preserve it, freeze it, share it, or donate it to those in need.

 Get Drippy

Many yards and gardens are over-watered, but switching from a sprinkler system to drip irrigation or soaker hose can save money and preserve water for the environment.

  •  Check any irrigation systems you have for leaks that can potentially wastewater.
  • Look for ways to replace some types of irrigation with lower water usage options.
  • Keep all irrigation systems on a timer, preferably to come on in the early morning, when the evaporation rate is lower.

 Make Your Own Water


Consider adding rain barrels under downspouts on your house. When you collect water, use it on inside and outside plants as “nature’s water recycler.”

 Make Your Own Garden Compost

Making your own garden compost is a great way to reduce waste and improve your garden soil.

Here are some tips for getting started.

Sustainability starts at home. Making eco-friendly changes to your yard and landscaping is a great first step toward a greener way of life. And who knows? The changes you make today could benefit you and your family for years to come.

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