How do you know your cleaning products are safe and will keep your family healthy?

How do you know your cleaning products are safe and will keep your family healthy?

An Aussie favourite natural and effective eco-cleaning range now available in New Zealand. Biodegradable ingredients with the power of nature in every bottle. A wide range of HealthyClean natural and sustainable cleaning products for everyday use around your home.

Let's talk about the good stuff!

We want to clarify the branding before talking about the great ingredients. HealthyClean NZ is SimplyClean, made in Australia. We had to re-label the bottles and products because of potential trade mark challenges with using SimplyClean branding in New Zealand- EVERYTHING else is the same!


SimplyClean / HealthyClean ingredients have been assessed for biodegradability, moderation in pH and overall environmental impact with reference to reputable national and international sources, including:

  • GECA: Good Environmental Choice Australia's Cleaning Products Environmental Performance Standard 
  • Lanfax Laboratories Review of Laundry Powders in conjunction with Choice: This provides a review of the sodium and phosphorus content of laundry powders and recommendations on safe levels for grey water use
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Hazardous Substances Information System (HSIS) in conjunction with Safe Work Australia: This provides data about all base ingredients and their potential hazards


We know animal testing is unnecessary in developing and making cleaning products that are really healthy and work. Cruelty-free means our products never have and will never be tested on animals. We are proud to be accredited by PETA Cruelty-Free & Vegan.

Vegan friendly

Vegan-friendly means our products do not contain animal ingredients, by-products or derivatives; our products are simply planted and mineral based.

Palm oil free

Palm oil-free means we use more sustainable vegetable-derived ingredients, for example, coconut oil instead of palm oil. The problems and impacts of mass palm oil plantations are vast and complex. Palms grow in rich tropical soils, the same soils that established tropical rainforest ecosystems grow in. The mass deforestation of rainforests for palm oil plantations destroys important endangered species' habits, causes large-scale soil erosion, and fires that clear rainforests releasing carbon from some of the most efficient carbon-capturing ecosystems.

 Healthy Clean New Zealand Icons


At SimplyClean / Healthy Clean New Zealand, it's policy to choose healthy ingredients for you, your family, your home and our environment.

Wherever possible, the ingredients are natural, plant-derived and mineral based. On occasion, the healthiest choice is not the natural one*. However, we're constantly researching new earth, and human-safe ingredient options and our products evolve with each of our findings.

The SimplyClean / HealthClean New Zealand range  has been developed using sustainable and ethical ingredients. That is why you won't find palm oil in the  products, nor have any of the  products been tested on animals.


Fragrances play an essential role in the products you use in your home. We use only Australian-grown essential oils to fragrance SimplyClean / HealthClean New Zealand products. In some cases, our products are fragrance-free. Right now, the following is being used in the products:

  • Backhousia citriodoria (lemon myrtle) leaf oil is grown locally; it is farmed in the hills around our factory. Read more about the properties of lemon myrtle oil HERE.
  • Eucalyptus polybractea (blue mallee eucalyptus) oil from Victoria, Australia. A traditional clean, smelling and cleansing oil. Did you know that over 90% of Eucalyptus oil sold in Australia & New Zealand isn't from here? Most of it is imported from China! 
  • Citrus aurantifolia (Australian lime oil), also from Victoria, Australia. This steam-distilled oil, for its lack of photo (light) sensitising compounds, is vital for maintaining our SimplyClean / HealthClean sensitiser-free promise. Steam-distilled lime oil has a sweet overtone on a zesty, crisp fragrance.  

meet Huw and Becky Simply Clean

Meet Becky Thompson and Huw Jones, Founders
of SimplyClean, who are passionate about
healthy home cleaning!
They are credited with the contents of this blog!

The Promise to share ingredients 

Whilst there is no requirement in Australia to label cleaning products with their ingredients, you can be reassured that every single SimplyClean/ HealthClean New Zealand product comes fully labelled with all this information. Importantly, we provide the proper name for all ingredients, allowing you to easily do your own research. 

We don't use generic descriptions, nor do we leave anything out. We use the INCI naming convention, a worldwide reference system based on sound science used by the cosmetic industry. It's rigorous, but we don't mind. That way, you can check every SimplyClean/ HealthyClean component.  

It is regrettable that many so-called eco-cleaning brands in Australia and New Zealand do not provide the true names of their ingredients and hide behind statements such as "natural" and "plant-based". SimplyClean, are happy to share complete ingredient information with you, so you can make the choices you need to make for your health and your lifestyle. There's a complete list of ingredients on each product page and on every product label.

Ready to make the change New Zealand to an Aussie proven favourite ? 

*For example, a very low dose of the preservative phenoxyethanol is used in some SimplyClean products. A preservative is necessary for products generally stored in a wet environment, e.g. dishwashing liquid, to prevent the product's growth of fungus and bacteria. The natural alternative to phenoxyethanol is a formaldehyde product called hydroxymethylglycinate and is not a health-safe product, so it does not belong in SimplyClean/ HealthyClean!


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