How you can reduce plastic waste in your kitchen?

How you can reduce plastic waste in your kitchen?

As more and more of us are looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, its important to look at everyday products that we use and to find more sustainable alternatives.

When it comes to dishwashing, one of the most eco-friendly options is swapping out liquid detergent for solid Dish Soap Bars. Solid Dish Soap Bars are made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, and essential oils, and are free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that can be found in liquid dishwashing detergents. Not only are they gentle on the planet, but theyre also gentle on your family, making them a safe, non-toxic option for washing dishes.

In addition to being a better choice for the environment and for your family, solid Dish Soap Bars are also more cost-effective. Unlike liquid detergents that can easily be overused and need to be replaced frequently, a bar of solid dish soap can last for months, making them a great value.

Swapping out liquid dishwashing detergent for solid Dish Soap Bars is an easy way to reduce your environmental footprint, while still getting your dishes sparkling clean. And best of all, its an affordable alternative.

Let's start with answering the question, What is a dish soap bar?

The Dish Soap Bar is an awesome plastic-free, zero-waste option to wash your dirty dishes, pots and pans. Rich lather from the soap bar powerfully cuts through grease and rinses off squeaky clean.

Make sure your soap bar uses only plant-based ingredients to ensure it is Vegan friendly and uses no palm oils. 

How to Choose the Best Natural, Zero-Waste Dish Soap Bars
  1. Check out the customer reviews , the dishwashing soap must be highly effective, even on greasy dishes and food-stained containers.
  2. Red the ingredients list ensuring safe, non-toxic natural ingredients and no animal testing.
  3. Zero-waste and packaged plastic-free (product and shipping).
  4. Made ethically and is socially responsible .
  5. If you can, shop local supporting NZ handmade artisan soaps like the EKOH solid dish washing soap block.

How do you use a solid dish soap bar?

Option 1: 

  1. Prep your dishes by scraping excess food off your plates and bowls into your compost bin.
  2. Wet a EKOH bamboo dish brush or a eco sponge cloth by briefly running it under the tap.
  3. Rub the dish brush or cloth directly on your block of solid dish soap to gather up some soap. 
  4. Start scrubbing and washing the dishes!
  5. Rinse dishes and ensure you store your dish soap block out of the water.

Option 2: 

  1. Prep your dishes by scraping excess food off your plates and bowls into your compost bin.
  2. Run a sink of warm water and swirl your bar soap through the water a few times to activate its cleaning power.
  3. Pop you dish soap block back on your soap holder to dry 
  4. Use an EKOH bamboo dish brush or a eco sponge cloth to wash your dishes.
  5. Needing to a scrubber tue teh EKOH double sided Loofah pad 
  6. Rinse your dishes and let them air dry naturally 

Option 3: 

  1. Our dish soap bar works a treat for cleaning counters and surfaces like stovetops. 
  2. Wet a dish brush or a sponge cloth by briefly running it under the tap.
  3. Rub the scrubber, loofah brush, or cloth directly on your block of solid dish soap. 
  4. Start scrubbing, washing and wiping the dirty surface. 

Why Buy Natural Dish Soap Bars made in NZ 

Our EKOH dish washings soap block is made in Auckland, NZ . Artisan  handmade soap bar with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. EKOH's solid dish soap bar is a zero waste alternative to dishwashing liquid. It will leave your dishes sparkling clean and streak-free, with no plastic bottle waste. Made with natural citrus essential oils for grease-cutting power.

The dish soap bar can also be used as a general kitchen cleaner – simply wipe soap onto a wet cloth and clean/wipe down surfaces.

How long does a dish soap bar last?

Your dish soap bar should last 3- 6 months, depending on how you use the bar soap. One soap bar can replace approximately 2-3 bottles of traditional dishwashing liquid soap.

Can you make your own dish soap?

You can use our dish soap bar to make liquid soap by mixing it with water and putting the mixture into a pump bottle like our EKOH Refill bottles. You can create a liquid surface cleaner by grating an entire soap bar and adding it to 250-500ml of boiling water, stirring until dissolved and letting it sit for 24 hours. Ensure it is well mixed. At 500ml dilution, it will be runny but concentrated. This "liquid" version has a shorter shelf life, so use it within a month.

Preparing homemade dish soap is relatively straightforward, but you must buy all the ingredients, set aside some time, and have a mould: 

  • Mix warm water and white distilled vinegar in equal parts. 
  • Add a dollop of essential oil ( Healthy Clean Lemon Myrtle or Lime essential oils work a treat).
  • For a more complex recipe, use three tablespoons of washing soda and three tablespoons of citric acid. One tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of salt. Mix up and ready to use.

In Summary 

You can purchase your EKOH dish soap bar on our EKOH-STORE website if you are in New Zealand and if you are in Australis from our store on Amazon . 

Living in USA or Canada, yes you can get our zero waste dish soap bar also on Amazon.

Living in Singapore  , it is available on our Amazon Singapore store .


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