Dog Shampoos: How to Find the Right One for Your Dog

Dog Shampoos: How to Find the Right One for Your Dog

Straight, wavy, curly, silky, short, fleece, dense, woolly, and combination. Dog coats are definitely not all the same. Finding a pet shampoo that is just right for your dog's type of coat will make for a happy dog, maintain your dogs fur health, and contribute to your dog's overall wellbeing. You just need to know what to look for in a natural pet shampoo for your dog and these are some our our suggestions and tips.

Why and When to Shampoo your Dirty Dog 

As a dog owner, you will know that dogs and puppies don't mind being smelly and dirty, in fact, many dogs take delight in rolling around in the grass, beach sand, and muddy puddles.

Regular shampoo and washing helps remove dead hair and skin cells, reduce shedding, and keeps your dog's skin and coat free of dirt that can irritate and cause itching and infections.

Choosing the right shampoo and keeping a cool water temperature ensures that the dogs bath is refreshing, kind to their skin, and the shampoo is easy to rinse out of the dogs coat. The dog-washing process should be a bonding time and a positive experience for you and your pet.

Remember that different dogs, and ages, require different bathing regimens. Single-coated and short-haired dogs, such as Greyhounds, Dalmatians, Beagles and Boxers, may not require baths as frequently as other breeds with thicker coats. 

Double or thick-coated dogs, for example, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and German Shepherds Dogs have a shorter undercoat and a dense, longer outer coat, and they will require a shampoo that penetrates through the undercoat and skin to ensure a good healthy, clean bath. 

Always rinse your dog well and avoid residue soap left on their coat or skin. 


✔Look for Dog shampoos with natural ingredients.
✔Choose a soap-free options that soothes and hydrate rather than dry out skin and coat.
✔Use "made in New Zealand or Australia" products for quality of manufacturing and ingredients.
✔Use a Dirty Dog Shampoo Bar, which is naturally made in New Zealand and has no plastics or nasty chemicals. 
✔If you prefer a liquid shampoo for your pet, use HealthyClean Pet Shampoo, made with essential lemon myrtle in Australia by SimplyClean, and the bottle is 100% recyclable. 
✔ The dog shampoo should be pH 6.5, just perfect for your pet's skin.    


    ❌Use shampoo that is for humans on your dog – it does not have the right pH level and can cause skin irritations.
    ❌Be fooled by artificial fragrances that smell "fresh" but are derived from chemicals that may cause allergic reactions and are not suitable for the environment.
    ❌Purchase dog shampoos that include SLS and SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate & sodium Laureth sulfate) parabens and CMIT and MIT and dyes – these can cause serious health problems for you pet and are not good for the earth.
    ❌Use pet shampoos containing palm oils or plastic bottles that are not recyclable. 

      Tips for Enjoying Bath-time

      Happy Dog bath times washing  blue towels

      Once you find a wash bar or liquid shampoo that works best for your dog, you can teach your dog to enjoy their bath time. Professional groomers will tell you the importance of getting your dog accustomed to bath time. Here's some tips on how:

      1. First, make sure you're ready with no distractions. You're going to get wet, so dress accordingly.
      2. If you have a puppy, introduce them to standing in an empty tub when you're not yet giving him/her a bath and reward them with praise or a treat.
      3. Brush your dog well before shampooing to remove loose hair and dirt, this will make washing them so much easier.
      4. Check the water temperature, it must only be slightly warm but never hot.
      5. Washing outside in the garden is a fun, happy game, and EKOH Dirty Dog Pet Shampoo Bar is earth safe, so there is no danger in killing the grass or flowers.

      How to use the EKOH Dog Shampoo Bar

      Fill a small bucket with warm water, run the Dirty dog soap bar through the water a few times until it turns cloudy, and then wet your pooch. Once wet, slowly pour the soapy water over her/him and rub and lather all over thier body. 

      1. You can use the bar directly on the fur. This is super easy on shorter-haired and smaller dogs.
      2. When you are happy that they are washed all over, rinse well in clean water.
      3.  Let your dog shimmy and shake off the excess water, then towel dry, leaving them to lie and dry in the sunshine. Dog Happiness! 

       Using the HealthyClean Lemon Myrtle Pet Shampoo 

      HealthyClean Lemon Myrtle Pet Shampoo smells beautiful with a creamy lather and pure Australian lemon myrtle oil's naturally antibacterial and antifungal power. It is toxin & sensitiser free: Perfect for you and your furry & feathered pets, especially those with sensitive skin.

      1. Get your wash station ready (indoors or outdoors) and have the shampoo diluted with warm water ready for use. 
      2. Coax or place your dog /pet in the tub or wash station; washing outdoors is a great option, too, as our pet shampoo is safe for the garden, birds and bees.
      3. Treats are an excellent way to get the wash process off to a positive start! 
      4. Wet your pet using warm water, pour the dilution over them, and add a squirt more shampoo if needed.
      5.  Make washing your dog fun. Rub under the neck, tummy and legs. 
      6. Rinse well and towel dry; with your dog, this may run into a fun game! 

      When you have finished washing your dog or puppy give him/her some treats like the natural one on offer from Happy Vets NZ, and remember to stand back – because all dogs will shake off vigorously. 


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