Check Out This Versatile Set Of Natural Bamboo Cleaning Brushes from EKOH

Check Out This Versatile Set Of Natural Bamboo Cleaning Brushes from EKOH

These zero waste cleaning brushes are manufactured from bamboo, sustainable coconut fibre and natural luffa vegetable plant. The set of six eco products is the perfect Zero Waste addition to your home.

The Multipurpose  kit comes with a range of brushes, scrubbers and Luffa sponges for your kitchen and bathroom 

The perfect set of six brushes and loofahs for all your cleaning needs. From scrubbing dishes, pots and pans and gentle enough for plates, water bottles, jars, veggies, the bathroom and to use as a body scrub. 

Remember to keep separate brushes for different uses, practising good hygiene.

These cleaning essentials are eco-friendly, natural and look good in your home.

Sustainably farmed plant materials used to make the brushes an loofah

EKOH Essential Happy Brushes & Loofahs are made from sustainably farmed plant materials. These eco-friendly products are 100% biodegradable, vegan-friendly and have a zero-waste footprint. They are also long-lasting, with benefits including the antimicrobial properties of bamboo to help kill bacteria. By purchasing an EKOH Essential Happy Brush Kit, you are also helping to plant native trees in New Zealand.

Both the materials and the packaging are biodegradable.

To dispose of your natural cleaning products after use, you can home compost. If you do not have a compost bin or worm farm, your reusable brushes and loofahs are plants and sticks which means you can break them into a few pieces (a garden chipper or small hand saw does wonders ) and toss them into a hole in the soil in your garden. Insects and plants will have no trouble breaking them down. The Kraft packing is compostable or you can simply toss it into your recycle bin. 

After each use, ensure they are rinsed well and left to air dry.

Bamboo, Loofah and Coconut brushes are sustainable and, when cared for properly, will last you at least 3-6 months or much longer.

Don't put your brushes in the dishwater or microwave or out to dry in the sun; this will damage the timber and bristles. Simply let them air dry after use to prevent splitting or moulding.

A tip to clean and disinfect your bamboo brushes: Fill a jug or basin with hot water and 1 tbsp. of liquid dish detergent or our lemon myrtle disinfectant. Let the brush or loofah soak in the hot clean water for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with hot water, shake out excess water or pat dry with a dishtowel.

Signs of age on the bamboo are natural, and the round-headed dish brush handle is designed to last you years.

Simply replace the head when it wears out. Keep your Loofah and brushes out of the water when finished using - they will air dry quickly.

Final Takeaway:

They look good and work a treat! 

This EKOH product is made from organic, sustainable materials and can be reused over many times before you need to replace it. The set will also save you money if you buy them together like this instead of buying each piece separately. The multipurpose brushes are the perfect alternative to plastic cleaning tools, and make a great gift. They are ideal for everyday use, in the kitchen or bathroom, with minimal effort. Rinsing after use is a must to keep your new eco-friendly tools working at their best.

Made from sustainable bamboo with natural luffa vegetable plant sponges that expand when wet. learn more about Bamboo and read a great article by Eco &  Beyond

Make the change for good !


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