What are the Benefits of Bamboo Cleaning Brushes and Scrubbers

What are the Benefits of Bamboo Cleaning Brushes and Scrubbers



Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, and can be easily regenerated which is the reason why EKOH,  whose mission is to offer eco-friendly products, uses bamboo as one of our key materials for cleaning products.

What are the Benefits of Bamboo Products
  • It is a versatile organic material for Kitchen cleaning brushes & scrubbers to body & nail brushes. Even trendy storage & chopping boards!
  • Durability. Bamboo is a strong timber, quick growing & sustainably farmed.
  • It weathers well. Store in a dry spot to make your brushes last. Bamboo is more resistant to rot and warping due to moisture as compared to most other woods.
  • Natural colour of the timber & bristles.
  • Growing bamboo produces oxygen for the planet.
  • No chemicals needed in the farming or making of the brushes & scrubbers.
  • Bamboo actually requires less water than other traditional timbers to grow.
  • The bristles are made from Sisal and coconut hairs, are tough, yet bill biodegrade quickly. No plastic components.
  • We package our bamboo products in Kraft papers so these can be composted at home, less waste to landfill.
  • When you brushes, loofahs or scrubbers reach the end of life, simple home compost or feed your worm farm.
  • Every sales helps EKOH support planting native trees in New Zealand.



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