4 Eco-Friendly Sustainable Trends to Look Out For in 2023 by EKOH-STORE

4 Eco-Friendly Sustainable Trends to Look Out For in 2023 by EKOH-STORE

The world of sustainability is constantly innovating and evolving. Read on to see the top 4 trends for this year.

In the blink of an eye, 2022 has passed us by. There have been some exciting and fantastic progress in reducing plastic waste as many countries bring changes to their laws and business and technology innovate and offer alternatives we can look forward to some changes for good!

So, let's look at the top three eco-friendly trends to follow as we bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023. 

NO 1: Natural Ingredients and Materials.

Bamboo natural sustainable timber product used in building materials, cleaning products and home decor

Ditch Plastics and Synthetic Ingredients for Natural materials, at the  top of the list of trends and a core foundation for sustainability. If you're unsure what this means, think of it this way: if it grows in nature, it's a natural ingredient. Materials such as cotton, wood, clay, bamboo or wool are natural mediums that can be more sustainable than synthetic materials like acrylic or polymers. 

Natural materials also completely biodegrade, returning to the earth, unlike the plastics or chemicals that pollute our landfills and waterways. When shopping for consumable items this year, consider opting for natural, biodegradable products over synthetic alternatives - these products can be home-composted, reducing waste to landfill.

Keep an eye on how these products are farmed, harvested and renewed, see point number three. These materials can be used in products from building materials to cosmetics and household cleaning supplies and decor.

Some easy product swaps in the kitchen: 

Natural and versatile materials to look out for this year are canvas, hemp, cork and bamboo. As one of the best alternatives to leather and plastic, waxed canvas, cork and bamboo are durable while acting as renewable and biodegradable materials. Not only that, but the unique look makes for a really stylish aesthetic. 

You can do the right thing using a stylish, durable waxed canvas tote bag perfect for a busy mum or professional on the go. The waxed canvas has a water-resistant surface that is perfect for keeping your shopping, work or gym stuff safe on your commute. It's vegan, handmade, and the ideal substitute for leather or nylon. 

Ready to ditch the plastic or nylon lunch bag? Look no further and swap it out for a reusable organic cotton drawstring lunch bag or beeswax food wrap. EKOH's bags are food-safe, durable, and machine washable for added convenience. They don't contain toxic chemicals, added dyes, or bleach and ships in recycled (and recyclable) packaging. That is HAPPY!

NO 2: Conscious Colour & Design

While colour trends change year after year and can bring excitement and design into our homes and personal style, the sustainable value behind the products you choose to buy is essential to keeping sustainability in check.

So how can you incorporate eco-conscious colour into your unique style and decor? 

Whether you opt for bold, colourful glass bottles or natural lip balms, you can spice up your beauty routine with a pop of colour in your makeup or bathroom. Cosmetics and personal care are great places to start making more sustainable product choices and reducing plastic waste going to landfill. 

From refillable liquid body washes to organic coconut soap bars that moisturise and clean, bringing a pop of colour into your bathroom.

Go green in your beauty routine using our natural Loofah Pads, Bamboo Brushes, and hemp soap saver bags - perfect in the bath or shower and designed consciously to ensure no plastic waste. 

NO 3: Supporting Ethical and Sustainable Brands

Many people are looking for brands that walk the talk and offer sustainable, affordable eco products that work. Here are some things to look out for when choosing who to buy from this year;

  • Conscious businesses striving to be zero waste offset their emissions, and some further reduce their impact by supporting things like planting native trees or animal welfare initiatives. 
  • Leaping bunny certification is essential to protect animals from cruel animal testing - see our Healthy Clean range made by Simply Clean in Australia.
  • B Corp is certified as a leader in social and environmental values, accountability, and transparency. 
  • carbon-neutral business offsets its emissions by investing in green energy. For those who go the extra mile, a Climate Neutral certification is awarded to companies and manufacturers that offset all business emissions yearly.
  • Organic certification, FSC standards and OEKO- Tex Standards are in place to validate brand claims - ensure no greenwashing.

 You're supporting their greener, more conscious mission by purchasing products from brands with these values!

 NO 4: Recycled Materials

 We must recognise that sometimes, products can't be made from all-natural or organic materials. With manufacturing innovation, we see the opportunity for products that would have gone to waste now to be repurposed and recycled into other products, bringing us to our last and final trend: recycled materials.

 Between polyester made from recycled water bottles, sunglass made from ocean plastic and glass upcycled into jewellery, there is a diverse range of recycled products on the market. Replace your underwear with a more sustainable alternative is a great place to start. When you next need new undies, look at THEVERYGOODBRA, an excellent example of innovation in an essential everyday item. Most bras are made from plastic, end up in landfill and take over 200 years to biodegrade!

Upcycled footwear can also make a big difference in reducing unnecessary waste. Complete your new look with a pair of flip-flops made from recycled tires. This vegan footwear option made from natural rubber and recycled tire soles makes a perfect addition to your new sustainable outfit. 

Aside from clothing and wearable accessories, there are other innovative recycled products on the market, from bags to technology and home decor items, packaging and building materials. Recycling and repurposing is a huge trend that will continue to grow and innovate and affects how we live and consume.

Final Thoughts

Design and colour trends, food trends and lifestyle trends come and go each season, but one thing remains the same: the earth must be protected today and for future generations. It's time to give back before we push earth beyond her limits.

So, educate yourself on the technology, materials and companies making a positive change, make conscious purchasing decisions, and be happy with the good stuff.

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