Simple Steps To an Eco-Friendly Laundry: Products and More

The idea of swapping to an eco-friendly home sounds fantastic, in theory. Transforming habits that we've settled in over years or family generations are slightly more challenging, but EKOH makes this journey easier. We offer support in the form of cost-effective bundles, delivered to your doorstep with news, insights, and a range of products suited to every aspect of your home. Our eco-friendly laundry products offer everything you'll need, from concentrated disinfectant cleaner to stain remover and sanitiser and laundry detergent and powders.

The Importance of Sustainable Laundry Products

When thinking about turning your laundry room into a greener room, it can be pretty confusing. Sustainable laundry products are not all created equal, and the differences between powders, liquids, detergents and pods, or even sheets are often an individual preference.

  • Using an environmentally friendly product ensures your laundry water is greywater-friendly, and you can reuse it for watering the garden or flushing the toilet.
  • Manufacturers don't always list ingredients, but their websites often do. Research the ingredients, or string of codes used to ensure you understand what the detergent consists of and avoid harmful chemicals. Don’t buy any products that use fillers , these are often microplastics
  • A sustainable laundry can start with changing washing routines or products. Simple measures like wearing your clothing more than once before tossing in the laundry, washing in cold water, air-drying clothes on the washline, replacing or not using a softener with eco-products, and buying larger quantities result in less packaging and are all great leaps towards an eco-friendly laundry.

What to Expect From Eco Cleaning Sponge Cloths

As we work towards making "reduce, reuse and recycle" part of our daily lives, we must learn to think in terms of how the product is managed at the end of its life, is it a natural product – can the item and/or packaging go back into the environment without harm after use. Eco cleaning sponge cloths are not only reusable, 100% biodegradable, and can be home composted but serve many functions:

  • These are made from cotton and natural, absorbent FSC wood cellulose, meaning fewer micro-plastics in the garbage.
  • You can use our Eco cleaning sponge cloths for up to nine months if looked after. We estimate it to survive the dishwasher or washing machine up to 200 times before it's ready for your compost bin.
  • Use them to absorb spills, clean wooden floors, windows and countertops, appliances, and bathroom fixtures, and scrub mildew.
  • Super absorbent EKOH cloths can replace paper towels for wiping spills, sticky fingers and more.

What You Stand to Gain When Using EKOH

We are happy to share our eco journey because we love connecting and learning. This is our kind of happiness - we love reading chatting, sharing, and learning about all things sustainable from how to home compost to cleaning tips. Based on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, our name is an acronym for Every Kind of Happy and you say it “echo”. Our ranges contain items for every part of your life: body care, home, and pets – providing affordable, sustainable alternatives. We aim to work with local, trusted connections to allow for a journey of continuous learning and improvement and to motivate positive changes in manufacturing, individuals and communities.

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